KSMU Faculties

Kursk state medical university is the first university in Russia to offer the full-course English Medium in the faculty of medicine (MBBS), every year hundreds of students are joining Kursk from more than 30 countries across the world.

KSMU faculties:-

• Faculty of International Students

• Faculty of Medicine

study MBBS in Kursk state medical university

• Pharmaceutical Faculty

• Stomatology Faculty

• Pediatric Faculty

• Higher Nursing Faculty

• Medico Prevention Faculty

Main faculty of University for foreign students:-

Specialty – General Medicine (MBBS), Duration of the course – 6 years

Medical faculty was established in 1935. Since then more than 20,000 physicians have been trained by and graduated from the faculty. Among the faculty graduates of all years, there are 120 D.Sc. and more than 650 Ph.D. Many graduates have established new schools and original scientific trends. These are academicians of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences V.N. Nikolaeva-Menshikova, V.S. Ryabtsev, Yu.K. Skripkin, V.G. Gostishev, corresponding –members of RAMS A.F. Bykovsky, V.L. Guryev, O.K. Skobelkin, G.Ye. Ostroverkhov. Training is provided at 49 departments of the University. The faculty teaching staff of 400 teachers include 70 D.Sc. 275 Ph.D., 2 honored scientists of the Russian Federation, honored worker of higher school of the Russian Federation, more than 35 academicians and corresponding – members of the Russian and international academies. 10 honored physicians of the Russian Federation work at the departments of the clinical profile, actually, all the teachers have the higher or the first medical category. The curriculum consists of 5 blocks of disciplines: humanities and socio-economic sciences, natural sciences, medico-biological, medico-preventive and clinical disciplines.

Medical faculty (MBBS in Kursk state medical university) graduates take further clinical specialization course in 35 specialties, internship course in 28 specialties, a post-graduate course in 47 specialties. The sphere of the professional activity of the graduates is determined by the acquired specialty and includes public health, social protection, medical and biological sciences, medical education, medical service in military structures, the economy of public health.

Kursk city, Russia

Kursk city : 

Kursk is a city in Russia, the capital of the Kursk region, situated in the western part of central Russia, 530 km south of Moscow. It is an important cultural and religious center with a large industrial complex, a number of scientific and educational centers, a highway and railway hub.

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